Safe Transport Victoria is committed to ensuring services delivered by the industry are safe and more accessible for customers.

Notifying us of fatalities, serious injuries or incidents which expose people to risks to their safety allows us to monitor safety and causes of incidents in the commercial passenger vehicle industry.

The following duty holders, as defined in the Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Act 2017, are required to report a notifiable incident:

  • booking service provider
  • commercial passenger vehicle owner
  • commercial passenger vehicle driver
  • those with control over the provision of commercial passenger vehicle services
  • supplier of equipment to commercial passenger vehicles.

If you are a duty holder, you must notify us within ten business days of becoming aware an incident has occurred. You can do so using the Notifiable Incidents Portal.

It is an offence not to report a notifiable incident. The failure to do so may result in compliance action by Safe Transport Victoria.

Passengers and bystanders can’t report a notifiable incident but are encouraged to provide information on any incidents through the Safe Transport Victoria feedback and complaint form.

Drivers, vehicle owners and equipment suppliers who experience an incident, are encouraged to notify their BSP of the incident, and the BSP can notify us on their behalf.

Incidents that must be reported:

  • the death of any person
  • the serious injury* of any person (this includes but is not limited to incidents that require emergency medical services assistance)
  • attendance by police
  • attendance by a health professional.

*if you’re unsure if it’s a serious injury then it’s best to report the incident.

The person submitting the incident will be requested to provide information on:

  • their/organisation details
  • whether you’re reporting on behalf of a driver or vehicle owner
  • incident type
  • time and location of the incident
  • date and time that they became aware of the incident
  • details of any party involved (where known)
  • details of any person in attendance (if known)
  • a description of the incident
  • any actions taken (or planned) to reassess the risk in the future

Notifiable incidents must be reported using the Notifiable Incidents Portal.